Dear Member,

The Rhyl Rugby Project Team has just completed 12 months of extremely intensive, and, at the same time, productive activity, the principal reward of which has been the recently granted Planning Consent for the new Community Centre and Sports Complex at Tynewydd Field in Rhyl.

We have been magnificently supported by a wide range of local organisations, including Denbighshire County Council, Rhyl Town Council and an overwhelming majority of the local residents. In addition, we have received crucial levels of support from North Denbighshire Communities First, who have led our Community Consultation Programme, and from Chris Munro, the WRU Facilities and Investment Manager, who has guided us with great skill, expertise and patience through the complex procedures and processes of our various grant applications.

We have now submitted our application for a grant of £490,000 to the Welsh Government Community Facilities Programme and we stand on the threshold of making further grant applications to the WRU, Sport Wales, WREN and to the Gwynt-y-Mor Communities Fund. If all our applications are successful the total potential grant income will be in excess of £750,000. We are also actively marketing both our property assets, the Waen and the Sports & Social Club, the sales of which should bring us close to our required target.

With the help of our counterparts in Denbighshire County Council, we are now close to finalising a preliminary 25 year Lease to enable us to proceed with phase one of the works outlined below. It is further agreed with DCC that, on completion of the building programme, this preliminary Lease will be replaced by a longer term Lease, which will contain an option for us to purchase the Tynewydd Field site.

The Project is designed to move forward in two phases. The first, which is scheduled for completion during the coming summer will consist of all the necessary ground works, including pitch preparation, drainage, infrastructure for electricity supply and practice floodlights, plus fencing to secure the site. The timing of the second phase is dependent on the success of our grant applications, but the construction of the Community Centre and Sports Complex is planned to commence in late 2016, or early 2017, and the projected date for completion, mid-way through 2017, should enable us to be in residence in time for the start of the season in September, 2017.

In the meantime, we have much work to do in preparation for the increased responsibility and work-load involved in running a community, social, commercial and sporting facility of the magnitude of the proposed development. Further details of these plans will be circulated in advance of the next Club AGM, which is due to take place in June.

Please don’t hesitate to contact any of us in the Project Team for clarification, or amplification of our plans, and please don’t hesitate to volunteer your services in any way you think appropriate – all are welcome to become involved and to make a positive contribution.

With best wishes


Richard Greenwood          -           Project Chairman, along with:


Sion Hughes, Tony Evans, Simon Farrell, Bob Jones,

Meirion Hughes, David Owen, Iwan Prys Jones, Dai Roberts,

Lee Blackmore, Glyn Jones, Graham Maxwell, David Jones,

Phil Blakoe, Colin Hall Snr, Colin Hall Jnr, Will Morecambe.