29 July 2020 / Club News

Membership Subscriptions Increase.


Ever since the club relocated at the beginning of 2019 a huge amount of work has continued to be done to improve our grounds to the level that they now are, the equal of any club facilities in North Wales and we haven't stopped yet. The club has spent well in excess of £100,000 over the summer months with the installation of floodlights over all pitches. Summer maintenance on the pitches alone will cost in the region of £10,000 and of course we now have the Beer Garden and the John Hardy memorial playground to enjoy. We have enclosed the main pitch and have provided more paved area with more to follow.


In light of all this (as well as the superb memorabilia inside the clubhouse ) we cannot possibly maintain playing subs at the current level of £35. We have tried to keep our subs at the lowest level possible but they have to be realistic and go some way to reflect the costs of providing the fantastic new club we have ( we have no idea of how much the lights alone will cost to run) To that end the cost of all playing and full member subs will rise to £45 for the coming season. Second and subsequent children in the juniors will stay at £35. We consider this still to be fantastic value for money and stands comparison with any other club or indeed sport.


This still works out at under 95p per week for a full seasons sporting activity with all our facilities.


To help further, all subs are normally due during August ready to play in the September. For this year, Subs can be paid up until the end of September. I'm sure you will all understand the need for the increase, not easy times for lots of people I know but we must ensure a viable club that can cover its costs.


Regards Tony Evans, Chairman Rhyl RFC.  


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